About our custom BBS Motorsport Program

To begin your custom BBS Motorsport build, please reach out to us directly via our contact form here, or place a deposit for your build slot here.

The BBS E88 is a high-performance wheel model developed by BBS. Known for its unique design and performance benefits, the E88 has become a popular choice among car enthusiasts and racing teams worldwide.

Featuring a three-piece construction with a lightweight aluminum alloy center section and high-strength steel alloy outer rim sections, the E88 is both strong and lightweight. Its split mesh design gives it a sporty, aggressive appearance, and it is available in a range of sizes from 18” to 19”, with customization options including polished or painted finishes.

In addition to its stylish look, the E88 has proven itself on the track, with its lightweight construction and aerodynamic design improving the handling and stability of high-performance vehicles. It has been used in various motorsports, including touring car racing, drift racing, and time attack events.

Today, the BBS E88 is considered a classic in the automotive industry and continues to be a popular choice for those seeking to enhance the performance and appearance of their vehicles.

With over 600 different types of BBS Motorsport centers and faces, we like to tailor and build each set to suit the end-user. Typically, this involves a consultation that we like to do in order to gauge the perfect setup for you, while maintaining adequate brake clearance and optimizing outer lip size. Several finishes are made available for clients to choose from (Silver, BBS Gold, Satin Black, Gloss Black, High Polish, and more upon special request). As BBS Race Motorsport wheels are multi-piece, components are kept readily to facilitate any rebuild / service needs. This includes faces, inners, outers, gaskets, hardware, valves, and more. Practicality is key! 🔑

Each set of BBS Race Multi-Piece wheels that we build is special and unique in their own way. We can build and customize sets in nearly any size / specification you’d like, meeting any demands and special requests and finishes, so long as long as you let us build it right. To us, quality is of utmost importance, and factory assembly components and hardware are a must. We do not use, offer, or recommend third-party non-certified and non-OE finishes simply for the sake of preserving the original integrity and quality of the intended product as BBS intended.

In your inquiry with us, please make sure to list the following and try to be as specific as possible. With our years of industry experience and technical knowledge dealing with the BBS Motorsport lineup and proven track record, we will take this information provided and build for brake clearance, suspension clearance, and optimal lip size. We will also make our recommendation for best-fit tire sizes that ensure an optimal fit from a performance and aesthetic standpoint. Lastly, we will work with BBS Motorsport directly to procure, source, and build the perfect setup tailored for your vehicle given all of these parameters. Each set is bespoke in nature, and will thus command a lead time.


Details to include:

- Year / Make / Model of Car

- Desired BBS Motorsport Product (BBS E88, E87, E89, E05, E07, E01, E50, RE-MTSP, FIR, RIA, etc).

- Desired Color of Wheel (Silver, Gold, Gloss Black, Satin Black, or Custom)





We will typically respond within ~24 business hours in most instances!

Thanks in advance!

- The RS Motorwerke Team